Mint a Pig

The first animal of DegenerateFarm is the pig. Minting is limited to 1024 pigs. There are 10 possible characters (base pigs) that you can get, and billions of permutations possible each mint. Each pig's visual traits are dynamically generated using Chainlink VRF about 30 seconds after your mint request is confirmed. After minting, each pig is upgradeable with Chainlink VRF generated properties for 2 MATIC each upgrade. The top 20 chip stacks, and any pig with 600,000 or more chips will be eligible for periodic rewards. Please read the FAQ to learn how it all works!


10 Matic

(If you get confused, you can view all of your mints their Pig #'s by logging in to OpenSea)

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View a Specific Pig

Enter the number of the degenerate pig or its full token ID and click 'View Pig' to see its current state. 

Pig #

If you own this pig you can upgrade it. Click 'View Pig' first to enable upgrade button. If the address logged in is not the owner of the pig, then it will say the transaction will fail.

Rarity Leaderboard
NFT Chip Stack
Characters and Traits

Each random mint is generated from ten different characters. Every character comes with a randomly generated background/table, eyes, expression, teeth, tongue, ears, tails, drink in their left hoof, and a poker hand. Some characters share various right hoof objects, and some have unique traits relating to their personalities. For example, Augusto Cochinillo has a penchant for model helicopters, Queen Swill likes to dress up in different colors, and Donald Oinkler has a variation that gives him two scoops (gasp) of ice cream.

All traits besides backgrounds have a linear one in ten chance of being selected. Backgrounds, however, have level of increasing rarity, topping out at a 1 in 100 chance for a Level 10 background. There are billions of permutations possible for each mint, and no two mints can be the same.

Meet the Pigs

Each degenerate pig will try to charm you in some way before playing their game of world domination. They didn't get to where they are by always being nice. In fact, some of the pigs are not nice animals at all. If you're a vegan, or of a faith that prohibits the consumption of pork, these pigs provide a solid counter-argument to your beliefs. Many of these pigs believe in eating the rich. You might say you enjoy doing the same yourself, but be careful, once the rich are devoured, you might just find yourself becoming discharged ballast a dirigible. You will take flight long before a single swine is thrust skyward.

Pig Jong Un

Grand Marshal Pig Jong Un loves to gamble all night. He's a trash talker who always brings his harem with him to rail when he plays.

Donald Oinkler

Donnie O keeps a tidy pen, but one of the cats spread the rumor that he paid one of the female horses to make it rain on his pile.

Che Chicharrón

Che's a pretty boy who grooms younger pigs into his way of thinking. He plays tight, but aggressive, and aggressive, but tight.

Jamón Castro

Jamón reacts to threats with annoying, idiosyncratic play. Trying to time his moves is as ill advised as invading the Bay of Pigs.

Augusto Cochinillo

You can't run or hide from el presidente. Augusto Cochinillo is nicknamed by the dogs "The Torturer" because he goes into the tank on every decision.

Hugo Oincéz

Hugo talks a big game, but is actually in debt to the other pigs for quite a large sum. Every time he has a score, the line at the trough is all the way out to the fence.

Leonid Bacon

Leonid ignores the advice of his backers and puts his money in impulsively. He often falls asleep at the table, and starts unwinnable fights when he is drunk.

Joseph Snortin

Uncle Joe is what most degenerates would refer to as a whale, but be careful, he often claims to have drank more than he actually did to lure you in.

Queen Swill II

Despite her status as a fashionista, Queen Swill has always thought of herself as one of the guys. She loves telling a good porky, and mixing it up with piglets a fourth of her age. 

Napoleon Saveloy

Napoleon is pesky and persistent. The other pigs could learn a thing or two from him. In his mind all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


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Degenerate Pigs

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DegenerateFarm offers proxy contract free upgradable NFTs using 

DegenerateFarm showcases an innovative proxy free pattern for upgradable verifiably random generative mints. It is powered by Chainlink VRF for both mints, and upgrades. Owners can level up their NFTs, and compete to have the highest score for each animal.

DegenerateFarm is a spin-off of EtherCats, and was developed by key team members of this project. It was created for the Fall 2021 Chainlink Hackathon. Nadia Khuzina retains ultimate artistic control of the project, while the technical side is handled by the current EtherCats core dev team. It is meant to be synergistic to the ECAT token, and EtherCats DAO.

EtherCats artist Nadia Khuzina developed the artwork for DegenerateFarm and she brings a social or political tinge to all of her work. Both EtherCats and DegenerateFarm are humor filled projects that seek to bring people together in crypto solidarity through humor. Nadia Khuzina is a survivor of the socialism in the Soviet Union. DegenerateFarm is a reminder that while crypto might seems ridiculous at times, its main purpose is to preserve liberty, and the ability for all bipedal methane machines to pursue happiness free from the horrors of collectivist societies. While EtherCats is a highly inclusive project, and welcomes all political ideologies, DegenerateFarm welcomes only the greediest of capitalist pigs!

There will be 16 animals with 1024 animals each in the first series of the project. Pigs, Horses, Donkeys, Ravens, Sheep, Dogs, Ducks, Cattle, Deer, Cats, Goats, Giraffes, Elephants, Meerkats, Rhinos, and Alligators are all planned. The first animal are the pigs.

The only roadmap is to innovate in the NFT space, and to make awesome art. This takes time. It may take many years to finish all of the animals, and things may pivot based on current technology. That's why we have broken it up into individual animals. Each animal will have its own contract. Those on the leaderboard will have exclusive access to airdrops and randomized rewards. The official token of DegenerateFarm is ECAT, the umbrella over this project.

The price to mint is 10 Matic for the first 1024 pigs. This covers the VRF fees as well.

It costs 2 Matic per upgrade. This will never go down, but might go up as time goes on.

Each time you upgrade your pig you gain a single chip. The first 100 chips are 1,000 chips. Chips 101 to 200 are 5,000 chips. After that, your chip stack is maxed out. However, each time you upgrade you also get dealt a random hand from a very large Chainlink VRF generated shoe. If you get aces (any permutation) in this hand, then you gain a plaque. After three plaques, then simply getting aces won't suffice. To get your fourth plaque you will need to get aces with a matching suit. After 7 plaques, it gets even more difficult. You will need matching diamond aces to get your 8th, 9th, and 10th plaques. After ten plaques, this stack too is also maxed, but your displayed total of of aces, matching aces, and matching diamond aces will continue to increase indefinitely.

The aces statistics are used to break ties in the ranking lists. The first tie breaker is total aces, then matching aces, then finally diamond aces. If a tie cannot be broken by these metrics, then higher ranking is awarded to the lower numbered pig.